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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
why on earth does the front stock bolt "yoke" on the 77s move?? I cannot understand what benefit that brings.
I'd like to know this too.
But, when I bedded my action, I also put a good amount of epoxy around it. I first degreased everything with brakecleaner and then worked the glue with a toothpick between system and yoke. Now the days it moved are over! As far as I can tell it has no negative effect on the grouping, but it doesn't cure the problem either.
I must admit that my bedding is not too well done, I didn't remove enough wood from the stock. I found out about that after the work was finished and I had a conversation with Steve Pope.
Steve is a great bloke, he took his time and we talked for quite a while trying to solve the problem. His guess is also the stock/system fit. Nevertheless he send me a new piston seal to try if anything else fails. Great guy, really!
The system has a perfectly snug fit in the stock now, but the epoxy is thin and it won't stop the stock from twisting from warm/cold. I also thought about having 2 blocks of steel machined to fit the contour of the system, solder them to the system tube, cut threads in them and have another 2 anchor points to spread the load more evenly on the stock. Another benefit would be that if you bed this action, its like with a real gun and recoil lugs that are bedded. The system can't move axially. The original straight and uniform tube will move also when bedded. All my shooting buddys told me to use epoxy. I first wanted to use Sikaflex which doesn't get as hard as epoxy but keeps a non-slip hard rubberlike texture. Anyone tried this?
Think I better go fishing this weekend...

@ neiL: I don't know if in the UK many compete with brake-barrels. But indeed, I haven't experienced this problem with my HW brake barrels. But they only have the german limit of 7,5J. And my 97 never had this issue when it also was 7,5J.
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