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The snowplough started off as just a temp test to see how it worked but I haven't got round to doing a proper one yet. The stock is really a FT one and that's what I intend using it for eventually.

Thanks for replying Rob.

We had this same discussion on the BBS. I'm Bozzer on there.

I'm certain those countersunk front pins had improved things.

I was going to set the action in the stock with car filler ... but I noticed that there was a small gap between the rear flats of the action and the stock inletting. I measured this as 18 thou with feeler gauges. After that tin of pellets where the shift didn't happen ( with the countersunk pins ) I was expecting that the action would have shunted back and would now be touching the back of the inletting. However, the gap remained solid at 18 thou. So I'm now not sure that those spaces around the front trigger pin lug and at the rear of the action are a problem.

The other weird thing with the pins ... when I used the cheese head or flat round head front pins the action twists slightly in the stock. So maybe the flats on the stock are not square. When I used the countersunk ( so no flats involved now ... just the countersunk centralising in the hole ) the action stays nice and square in the stock.

Amazes me that it does this as that U shaped flange that takes the front pins is loose and wobbles in all directions anyway.
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