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Originally Posted by rich View Post
I use a S400 running at 15 joules with the export length FAC air tube on it, and it is probably my most accurate rifle. It groups better than the EV2. It is a good weight for standers as well.
Nice combo Rich.
I have the classic 400 with a fac tube, a Dave Welham reg, and triggermods.It manages 184 shots per charge, is very accurate, a bit light overall and does not respond as well as my GC2 to windy conditions;although in calm conditions it is a delight to shoot.
There is a new trigger addition Dave does that makes the 400 a bit special.A few people have them,I don't yet,and those that do seem to be making good results on the comp scene.
Like the Bushnell 3200 tacticle scope Rich.I have two and was 6th in the worlds a few years back using one.
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