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Definate yes from me too!

I have used a couple of different ones, and struggled with a verystiff Shulz one with the table tennis bat dimpled material(it was know by my friends as the claw), and now use a Sauer glove. Just don't wipe your nose with the grippy bit!!

I find that a glove totally dampens your pulse, and just for grip on HFT pegs and trees it is excellent. I did recently get to the first peg recently and realised my glove was in the car. I slipped down a tree and scored a zero without the glove.
When shooting in the recoiling champs at Anston recently, I found that the glove allowed me to change position with little or no difference in POI with my Pro sport, that is much more difficult without a glove as it is sometimes hold and position sensitive .
I don't always hunt with one but I then I usually use barbour neoprene gloves to keep the monster sized mossies away, as I usually shoot near peat moors.
As Brian mentioned they have to be a good fit and comfortable. I tried on six or seven and couldn't get one that felt right, I bought my Sauer via post and it was perfect!


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