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For me, most definately yes!


Well for lots of reasons :-

First and foremost I find it gives me more options for a stable hold, especially for kneeling shots, but also for standers too. A stiff glove means I can support the rifle comfortably on my knuckles or fingertips. For prone shooting when hunting or HFTing, I can make a fist and rest my rifle on my fist and the glove becomes a low bipod. For HFTing it helps as a stable and grippy rest when taking a supported stander or kneeler and also gives more hold options on the peg.

For sitters in FT it helps as both a grippy support around my leading knee and also as a comfortable pulse isolating rest for the forend of my rifle.

For a recoiling rifle again it helps to provide a soft supporting surface that is stable and absorbs some of the recoil.

For heavy rifles it helps to stop bruising caused by extended periods of practice.

Take a walk round a shooting event and have a look at how many people use them - its not just a fashion accessory

As to fit - they all loosen up after a short while, I'd say go for a comfortable fit, loose doesnt really matter, it's the stiffness and grippiness of the glove that matters.

What did your trusted friend say?
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