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Default keep it simple

The way we have always done it is to optically centre your scope at close range say 12 yards
on a small dot in your garden or club .then zero for say 45 yards with adjustable mounts not the turrets.
As long as you return to zero at 45 yards then you will get the best optical performance from your
scope , this helps range finding on most scopes .Even my old leupold 20-50x50 showed a fall off
in resolution if you wind the turrets in too far. cheaper scopes benefit hugely from this process .
I shot a zos last year optically centred and zeroed with adjustable mounts it was reasonable.
zero it on the turrets and it was horrendous .my falcon t35 benefits from being centred.
So having the optics centred can be beneficial and you also have the benefit of having the turrets
mechanically centred so giving the scope the best chance of functioning consistently.
I guess with scopes like marches and s&b's you get away with a bit more but I think its always
good practice to set your scope up properly rather than think just because it an expensive scope
it should be fine.
Just look at an mtf chart in a camera lens test and see the fall off in resolution as you go away from the
centre of lens its the same thing going on inside your scope when you wind your turret in to far .

dialing up for a long target wouldn't make any difference any way half a turn either way even on
my old zos was not really noticeable.

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