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Default Tondu Practise 1sy May 2013

Priest was first out of the box for todays practise session

Decided i need to keep score and track of things to see if it highlights any pattern to misses
(now if that aint a big fat worn to pufferfish lol )

Anyway, drew up a little score card and decided i would check scope results on wheel, as I roughly know the ranges to ech target on the practise range
Wind varied from first dot no 27 / 4 dots fill kill no 1, so sometyhing like 2 inch out of kill to inside edge, good variation between the windier top lanes and sometimes quieter lower lanes

Priest + no 27 Luep
REV + no 1 Luep
No2 stock + Die 50
No 1 Stock + die 36

T1 40m X X
37m X 0
T2 47m X X
48m X X
================================================== ========================
T3 43.5m X X
42m X X
T4 47m X X
48m X X
================================================== ==========================
T5 44m X 0
45m X X
T6 KN32m X X
Kn32m X X
T7 ST 25m X X
St 25m 0 0 ( coat undone!)
================================================== ==========================
T8 35m 0 X
37m X X
T9 31m X X
32m X 0 (Gust of Wind!)
================================================== ==========================
T10 40m X X
37m X X
T11 45m X X
44m X X
T12 40m 0 0
42m X X
================================================== ==========================
T13 45m X X
45m 0 X (Gave wind, went straight)
T14 47m X X
48m X X
================================================== ==========================
T15 44m X 0
44m X X
T16 St27m X X
26m X X (Coat done up!)
================================================== =========================
T17 Kn 37m X 0
T18 Kn 32m X X

T19 45m X X
T20 St22m X X
T21!! Kn35m X X
Ran out of time with no 1 Son school run coming up so quit while ahead as they say.

Sun was out and a heat haze was problemsome at times in first session with Priest + no 27. saying that No 1 seemed to cut through the haze better and range find almost spot on.
todays range finding scores say no 1 scope = no 1 scope for range finding.

Be interesting to re -do on an overcast day

Got some work to do on the range. Firstly, there was only supposed to be 20 targets
Will remove T7 stander as its exposed to wind so the shooter gets blown.

T 9 needs to come in to 37-39m, otherwise we have too many in the 40-50 m range and not enough in the 30-39m range. T7 will still be a good target for wind

T12 needs to drop to 30-39m

T15 stander, need to push that out to 35+ m

T 17 needs to change from 32m KN - 32m St.

T19 needs to move from 22m St - 25 -29m St.

After that its clear the lanes for the other 10 targetrs out over the lower ponds so you can shoot either a:

30 shot course, 1 shot per target (20 in wind + 10 in "less" wind)
or 40 (resetter targets) + 10,
20 (single shot) + 20 (re-setter if its very windy)

3 in a row will take some time but is good practise, you have to hit each target 3 times without missing and count the number of shots
or clerar the course, count the number of shots to hit every target once

Think I am likley to favour the 30 shot myself if comparing guns and then 3 in a row when i decide what I "Want to use?"

Current thinking is Rev+ no 1 Leup back in no 2 Stock

Still need to get last 7 Easy ft targets out to make a 20 shot "String" course, which is usefull for practising Shorter kneeling and standing
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