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Default Nefta Classic Information

Booking in instructions for both Saturday and Sunday
Booking in opens at 8.00am and will close at 8.45 you need to book in both days between these times to register you are on the ground. Failure to do so may result in not shooting on the day.
Before entering the stats cabin please look on the “SHOOTER LIST” find the number next to your name. This number is assigned to you for the entire weekend. Enter the stats cabin and quote your number. You will then be given your main course and silhouette score cards for that day. On the FT card it will quote your start lane and will indicate which colour squad you are shooting in.
Locate the “SQUAD LANE PAIRS” pinned up near the shooter list there are 3 RED, GREEN and BLUE check to see who your shooting partner will be. This will be your partner for both days. At the bottom of those lists it states the times for both Saturday and Sunday. Make a note of them and be sure to be at the correct place at the correct time to commence shooting.
There will be a briefing just before near the stats cabin….ENSURE YOU ARE THERE.

You may be required to marshal for a period of time if chosen you need to be there to attend the main FT Course at the time stated. When it is your time go down onto the course relieve one of the previous marshals and wear the yellow bib. When your hour as passed please wait until you are relieved by the next marshal before leaving the course. If you have any problems or nobody comes to take over speak to the chief marshal Bob Tarran who will be on the course. If you are at due to marshal at the beginning of a squad commencing shooting please get there early where possible to assist in painting of the targets.
On Sunday things may move a little faster than the stated times if you are due to marshal at 12.00pm or 3pm please make sure you are there for the start of the sessions instead of the exact times.

Score Cards
Please hand your score cards in to the stats as soon as you have finished ensure you have filled in the rear of the card also. Failure to complete the rear of the card or not be signed by your partner may result in your score be void. Please have your partner write your chrono reading at the top of the card from the FT course.
If you require silhouette badges please write which badges you require on your score card before you hand it in to stats. Please pay throughout the day on Sunday.

Shooting the Silhouettes
The Silhouette marshals will call you in by number into the range your partner also must accompany you to score your card you have two and a half minutes to shoot 5 silhouettes and a one minute break between each bank of five. The range marshal will time all shooters and will call out when you may load and may fire. Please refer to the classic shoot rules for more information about the silhouettes.

If you do not understand anything do not be afraid to ask someone. Enjoy the weekend and good luck, have fun.
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