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I'd like to add my congratulations to both Jon Harris & Millride A, well done lads.
I think we all very much appreciated the efforts of the Purley crew for that Course, a real enthusiasts Course, lots of inclines & declines to push our abilities.
I went nine targets before I knocked one over, almost achieved a quack on the top line of the score card! I then shot the wrong target through that bush & pulled the close kneeler.
But how much wind did you have to give on those two high crows? I put my post on the KZ of the furthest one & hit tree, I then pushed my post through the KZ of the closer one but only got plate, amazing!
Cheers to all at Purley for a very entertaining day, always a pleasure to shoot there & we know now where to get the good ale as well for the apréz shoot.
Appologies to Phil & Dave for cocking the cards up, I really shouldn't be allowed to be incharge of a pen sometimes!

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