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Default Combined Clubs Cup Challenge

Date - 27th December 2009
Venue - Anston FT & AGC

This is a club based head to head knockout style competition consisting of 6 man teams, 3 FT shooters & 3 HFT shooters

This initial event will consist of 8 teams but 16 teams can be accommodated if the interest is there.

- Draw to be done out of the hat at the beginning of the day
- Team 1 V's Team 2 & so on
- In the 1st round all 6 shooters will compete
- Winning teams go through to the next round
- After the 1st round only 2 FT & 2 HFT shooters from each club may compete in each round.
- Any shooter dropped for a previous round must then shoot in the next round, assuming their team won
- No one shooter can take part in more than 2 successive rounds, plenty of team tactics here then
- Competitors will be paired with a member of opposite team, FT vs FT & HFT vs HFT
- Once the two teams have finished the 16 target section they can confer with their team members before moving to the 4 target bonus lane, this is where a team deficit can be turned into a win
- Positions allowed are the standard positions allowed in each discipline, so no prone holding the peg for FT shooters & no Sitting for the HFT shooters.

Course Layout

- 20 shot courses, consisting of a 16 shots plus 4 shot bonus lane
- 2 shots per lane with 1 minute per lane allowed, this will be timed.
- Std hit & miss scoring, 1 point for a kill, zero for a face plate or complete miss
- 2x standing & 2x kneeling targets per course
- Mini kill at std HFT distances, full sized kills to 55y

Bonus Lane

- The idea of the bonus lane is to allow each shooter to shoot four targets & gain bonus points for their team depending on their shooting position.
- All shooters who shot that round will shoot the bonus lane but the lane will be shielded so the opposing team can see which positions are being used.
- The bonus lane will be shielded to allow each shooter to shoot the 4 targets without the the opposing team knowing what position is being used.
- Points for the bonus lane will be, 1 point for sitting/prone shots, 2 points for kneeling shots, 3 points for standing shots.
- Each shooter will be marshalled one the bonus lane & timed at 2 mins for the 4 targets, timing start when eye placed to scope.

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