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Default Getting silly

Originally Posted by Conor View Post
It's Conor with one 'n' and there's no 'e' in it either for those without the ability to read properly

To answer your question Gwylan,
that particular surname, T eag ue, is a religious slang term used by pro-British loyalists in Scotland and Northern Ireland to refer to Irish Roman Catholics, perhaps this is why the swear filter picked it out.

No intention to embarrass anyone and as I said originally, if you have the time and ability to actually read, the names are those who registered to shoot but didn't. I'm sure there are some perfectly acceptable circumstances for non attendance.

I didn't ask for explanations/reasons and I don't care either; I hear enough each day from young lads not wanting to do PE!

I couldn't care whether the next door neighbour reversed over your cat, or if there was a forecast of frost which meant you had to go down the allotment to cover up your parsnips or you forgot to polish the left side of your pellets' domes (very important).

I'm working on several theories as to the number and % and possible common denominators to be used for working out the bookings for GP's to help the competition secretaries to potentially cater for those who don't attend for whatever reason. It may be just a fruitless exploration of solving a headache for the organisers.

I'll be at the Classic next weekend, for which I'm booked in, hopefully I don't miss my flights or there's not a volcanic eruption in Iceland which grounds all UK flights, or perhaps my carrots need some fresh horse manure (lots in here I could use).
Dont mess with peoples names c on or.
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