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Originally Posted by NOUNOURS View Post
Yes, it is. Drum (from Leupy) makes a mark on the top of the barrel just before the breech.
Do you believe that it is possible to have better groupings with the barrel directed downward instead of being directed upward ?
Tools was showing is sense of humor

Without jokes and I donít want to offend, you already tried 2 barrels and the groups are bad or you have a faulty scope or the problem is you.

At 50mt my best groups are 7 pellets inside 2.5cm and the other 3 inside 4cm and with that every time I compete outside Portugal I was lucky to be at the podium.

So my first recommendation is that you use your time to shoot and donít worry about groups until 5000 in FT position.

If you prefer to continue work on the barrel read what I wrote in my previous 2 posts unless Leupyís also sold you a batch of pellets the index mark he made has a high chance of being useless.
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