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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Took your advice years ago and bought the same CEDM2 with IR. Zero problems. In and outdoors, variable lighting, fluorescents, the lot... zero problems. Not sure how long the batteries last, but if you want Shaun we can have a little trial one day.
Same here. I have a battery pack I can charge-up and bring along too but not the CED - don't want it shotup :-)

I use the Combro for a quick check but when I need to run a long string and really want to know what the first shot is (e.g. suspect leaky reg, e.g. EV2, LG300) I use the CED, I have a Chrony Alpha - sits in its box but was a real pain to get setup so it works right in all conditions. Chrony has a ding or two on the exit sensor from trying to get it to work right .. fussy.

The Combro is a bit sensitive to being centred and I find there is some variability there and I would not be in the least bit willing to stare down someone else's barrel to put it on centre. The CED, Chrony do have a sensitivity to distance from the muzzle. Testing with Shaun, yesterday, the ProChrono seemed consistent and really not bothered too much by distance from the muzzle blast.

I think they all need putting in a box with protective baffles and to keep the light out (infra-red detectors work in the dark as Jon said) then it is just batteries and control leads. Chrony/ProChrono both need the front exposed to read the numbers, CED can be read on the control box - in comfort (and safety).

The only real issue is calibration but then if everyone kept their fps to a sensible level it wouldn't be critical.

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