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I also suffer after every GP/OPEN /club event whether on flat or incline i dont ask to change the rules. I think the only thing that is usualy done(not always) is that i dont get to walk the course twice as a good will gesture.
I play because ive found something i can do quite well and for the great people ive met BUT some of you are turning into grumpy old men/women must be the age thing.

How would you suggest that Millride could of changed the HILL we could not of got a flat surface so the club wouldnt of got used ,so narrowing the choices down when the club easily accommodates 150+ shooters. Theres Newbury not flat either shouldnt use that. Seems were going to run out of flat clubs.

My take on the beautiful and frustrating game of field target.

First the course setters want a course to beat the shooter (make it a challenging course that he/she makes mistakes) so use the land accordingly.

Each shooter plays by the rules and tries to beat the course setter. Simple game really

Every sport has those that are fitter than others its lucky this sport doesnt expect us to have that six pack and that be are able to take our normal medication for the normal everyday aches and pains we get. Yes sometimes we aggrivate them by doing things the doctor would tell us to not do.

If i was fitter and my back would hold up i would of taken a different sport but this as much as it gives me some pain is worth it. Im not expecting to change the rules i shall just try my best to compete to the best of my ability and then come back and do it all again.

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