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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
You can buy the very best there is on this planet,it's still no use if the pellet's not being checked as it's loaded.
I've heard of a couple of instances were a bad pellet has cleared the chrono
And people that have been setting up gun's for year's,so not a sudden temp change.
with electronics, paying peanuts gets peanuts.....and 100 ISH QUID is cheap, i use a scan for home and a crombo for checking ( proved along side scan ) but the crombro is no use for comp checking and divs tend to shoot the guts out of the scans, an alpha chrony is not consistant enough and neither is what shaun has just bought ( the both alter terrificly in different light conditions) but these are not supposed to have these problems......, maybe ask for one on trial?.
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