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Default The minority

The minority you talk about , have paid there ten pounds and showed up to support the shoot . they deserve to be able to do that in some sort of comfort and without pain brought on by a course builder who did not consider them . out of the shooters from SEFTA who shot today at ETL for the mini mayhem . two of them are still carrying injuries in there back's from this GP . this was not from not having strong stomach muscles .this was from sitting down on the bean bag against the slope two many times . i said to them why do you not go onto STB and put your side over . would not make any difference they said . it will just be a sport for the fit shortly . we are just gonna support local GPs in future , that we know are shooter friendly . two down for th GP series . how many more to come . this is not just a sport for the fit . it is a sport for everybody . and it is up to us to make sure that this happens . any good sport has rules that look after everyone . and that means lard arses , the young and the weak as well as the strong and fit . if you gents cannot see that , you are in trouble . ??? HOLLY
PS if we stuff shaun full of burgers till he is the size of pieman . he might see a different side to it .
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