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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
after all if they are going to be used to disqualify those going over the B.F.T.A. Threshold, then they need to be seen as infallible and indisputable, otherwise whats the point?
Been saying it for at least 7 years Dave just falls on deaf ears unless that chrono affects them! Not talking a few ft/sec either 40 to 50ft/sec not uncommon. Got quite a few out the proverbial with one shot to go.
Out of my own pocket bought a CED M2, Infra Red, tripod, battery pack etc over 5 years ago to prove a point. Works in any light to pitch black with clock frequency 12 times quicker than any other chrono available. Seems that fell on deaf ears as well last Sunday.
Believe Rob bought one a few years ago as well.

Nearly bought a ProChrono Digital the dearer one but works out dearer than a CED M2 starting at 200 by the time added a remote readout and still suffer existing problems.
Further to that just because it gives a readout how does anyone know that its correct or will alter within seconds yet alone the whole shoot.
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