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Bonjour Sprout Top ,

How often do you Rodger your barrel ? What do you use to do so ?

Do you sit on your hand for 4 minutes prior to rapid rodgering so it feels like someone else is doing it ?

I personally like to use a singular baked bean (Aldi own brand ) soaked in Sarson's vinegar pushed through with 4mm welding rod, works a treat !

Then I shoot 500 Eley wasps through it to lead the barrel back up to gain a tight string of 49 pellets over the chrono , then I deduce my readings of the millionth of millisecond FPS spread and sit until the early hour compiling a graph and pin it on my fridge next to my signed picture of Bonnie Langford.

I too have had a bent barrel in the past , but this is mainly due to sharing a bed in a 69 stylee with Mr Daniels.

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