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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
In which case, you should have got the one that conor put the link to ( dont get me wrong, i'm not having a pop ), but the bfta should have enough money to buy a Decent Pair of Chrono's, after all if they are going to be used to disqualify those going over the B.F.T.A. Threshold, then they need to be seen as infallible and indisputable, otherwise whats the point?, you will just be wasting time / money, and will still get all the same issues as with the current models in use.

just my twopenneth worth, mind.
An interesting point Dave. The present chronos have been used and moaned about for years. At many BFTA meetings the chrono has been discussed to death and the outcome ... the same chronos are used again.

The problem as I see it is one of decision making. The reason, IMO, we haven't got a new chrono is because any choice will lead to critisism when it doesn't work. It seems to me this generally haunts field target - any decision is a good one until it doesn't work.

In this case I have sought advice and bought a chrono. Before it is used it's the wrong one!

I am left to wonder that if the solution to poor chrono performance could be easily solved then why hasn't it been done already?

As to the BFTA funds - why not have your rep propose that the BFTA purchase a pair of the chronographs that you suggest? For I know nothing of chronographs and that's why I sought advice before buying this one.

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