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Default right handed jacket

Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Gotta laugh advice re. A shooting jacket from a left hand shooter using a right hand jacket
My first jacket was a second hand r/h jacket bought cheap to try,nothing wrong with it except rubber pads were no use for stander's,i shoot left handed.
I have to say i have seen a small improvment in my disapline's,but for me the biggest plus was the extra stability on sitter's.
This was instantly noticable and made a massive improvment in my shot delivery,after using for about six month's i bought a new german jacket l/h.
The main thing is to try before you buy,if you get a creedmore made to measure fine,but if you buy of the shelf same size in differant jacket's will fit differant.
I asked people with jacket's if i could try thiers on until i found the right size and make.
As for are they worth the money,depend's how you look at it,but i would say mine is worth every penny i spent,and better value than some stripper's
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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