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Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
Mine is a well used Kusterman, half leather and half canvas (very stiff) luckily the guy who donated it was roughly the same size and shape so it fitted quite well. As Todd says most FT shooters use them unbuttoned as they are designed for either 10mtr or in my case prone .22 rimfire with the rifle hooked into the jacket via an attached sling and metal hook system. I cant get comfortable when sitting or kneeling if I button it up but it does help with standing shots. Mine was free and I was told "try it and if it doesn't work give it me back" so I couldn't loose. As you say you get what you pay for and some of the cheap versions I have seen look less than useless. Borrow a friends for a practice session and I guarantee after a short time you will be able to tell if you need one or not.
Gotta laugh advice re. A shooting jacket from a left hand shooter using a right hand jacket
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