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I have had a shooting jacket, when i put it on it made me feel more focused, over the months I had it my scores went up I won more trophies than I ever had. It gave me confidence!
So i stopped wearing and then sold it.

You may ask why?, if you ask any FT shooter they will tell you they are heavy, hot sticky in the summer and if the size is wrong uncomfortable but they do make you shoot better!.
Standing and kneeling considerably.

I bought a new one all leather, good price i went to a shop and they helped me get the right size,
When done up!.

We Don't shoot 10m targets indoors!!!!!!!!!!!!. The jacket needs to fit different and if you go to the GP shoots hardly anyone has them done up.

So i recommend second hand and try lots on! talk to the shooters.

As to me I have just ordered the nearest thing i can find to a Ft jacket a Creedmoor.

A little bit of discomfort is worth it!!!

Even a Creedmoor is not perfect but it is going the right way and with a few changes it will do the job.

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