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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Being nice (or stupid ) I will accommodate forgotten cards and update at the next round.

WRT Sue's point - she referred to someone deliberately not handing a scorecard in.

As to the back of the card ... some people don't fill in the front!!!!

That's very decent of you Shaun

Not that I'm bitter or anything.... but....

Back in 2007 (or it might have been 2006) I scored the joint highest score in my class (SFT) at a GP. I was asked to do a shoot off for first place, which I won, then at the end of the day I was presented with a 1st place trophy. All well and good.

Then two days later I was contacted by the BFTA comp sec and told that since my card wasn't signed on the back I had been disqualified from the GP and had to return my trophy. I thought that was rather petty and considering that several officials had already looked at my card and accepted the score by inviting me to do a shoot off, I was a bit miffed that I'd later been DQ'd over a technicality.

Not that it's a sore point or that after 6 years I'm still pissed off about it or anything
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