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Originally Posted by paul4be View Post
Have a look on fleabay at Keyboard cases. Some have a wider flat "base" so would stand upright. May just need an extra layer of eggshell foam in each side to take up the extra width.
Thats a good suggestion, I've spent 20 minutes looking through listings and some of them look like they might work.

The only trouble is that most of them don't seem to have the zip along the centre of the bag and on some of them that look ideal it's hard to tell from the photo's whether the zip is in the centre or not.

Here's one that looks interesting, but again it looks to me like the zip is along one of the side edges and not down the centre..

I need something with internal dimensions of 44" x 13" x about 7" so it'll stand up on it's side.

I'd appreciate it if you already know of an item on ebay that would do the trick
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