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Originally Posted by Tye View Post
Hi the main objective I think with UKSARC is to replicate a genuine hunting scenario. So no peg being used is for that reason the key is the targets as kills are in correct places I.e in the head. Lower scores are mainly due to doughnutting the target going for the outright kill. Which in fairness is what would happen if you were hunting out on a field. It's definitely tougher for the average shooter but its to replicate hunting and with a basic set up. I still will say a standard decent gun will do what a target will do this is proved week in week out. Also point to make is the recoiling shooters actually have an advantage not using a peg. The peg restricts the recoiling shooters natural and most comfortable position. It is a competition but main points of UKSARC is to replicate hunting with a simple set up which 99% of people will use in the field. It's got full support from Solware and Brocock. Another shooting discipline that wil get more airgunners involved. I'm very surprised that it hasn't had any coverage in any of mainstream airgunning magazines very surprised.

Tye . I have to agree with all your comments .

However , the Airgun Shooter magazine did a 2 page write up with several photos in the April edition , Page 90 & 91 .

I thought it was a well written article.

But then I'm biased in favour of SARC .

Your comments about support from Solware & Brocock further adds to the support of this new aspect of air rifle field sport .

Businesses do not throw money & support to willy nilly operations , they have identified that SARC is a real sport with a great ethos . Thus we enjoy their generous support.

I have read all the comments about small kills etc being so hard etc etc .

True , it may be hard , but the scores reflect a complete surprise .

In actual fact , the courses are not as hard as the nay sayers would have one believe, its the way the courses are set, to challenge the range estimation , up hill & down hill shooting ability.

The best shooters are those that know their equipment very well & know what to do when shooting up or down, can shoot off the knee, supported by a tree, off the elbows, yes all sorts of positions are needed.

Springers shooting great scores , different names popping up in the winners lists , proving that the variety of shooting positions needed in SARC gives "all rounders" a good chance.

To be honest , the biggest surprise to my mind is the fact that springers are right up there , with last years top scorer being a springer !!

I feel a lot of guys will enjoy the easy going fun of the game .

Best of all is the amount of new shooters coming to take part . That is the most positive aspect for all of us , getting the young and old into competitions , that would normally not enter the established sports .
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