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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Nope..... AirArms MPR & an old S/H EB sniper
Ah ... cheers Pete. I've not stalked Sparky to the point I know all the kit he's used, but over the summers I do keep an eye on scores and posts when I can't normally attend. I know in the early days he moved to a 0.177 Harrier X and was a fan of EB snipers. I think later he did use a Walther and a Bushnell scope. Now he's using an MPR and s/h EB. He'll do well whatever he uses as it's the shooter and not the kit that knocks down targets.

The people that have had the courage and committment to start this new version up are the guys who will have the privilage, and the burden, of stating the rules and everyone will have to play by them.

People who just moan, and say this and that are sh1te, need to walk away and do something else, and I'd have no problem them being told so, but people who try to make genuine constructive comment should probably be listened to.

It is an interesting comment that has been made suggesting that scores are lower and the difficulty may be harder. It will be interesting to see how that attracts numbers in the long term. I think one of the things that has made HFT so popular and attendances so high is that it is relatively easy for the average shot/ or starter to get reasonable scores ( it's very hard to get high 50s scores ). I've heard comments at shoots from average shooters that in HFT the introduction of 6 x 15mm and 25mm at 40 yards is making it too hard for them. So despite the masses turning up just for fun people do like knocking targets down and getting a respectable score. It's a hard balance between keeping the newbies, youngsters and masses happy and also trying to make it competitive for the very top guys. I think UKAHFT have done a splendid job in that respect.

UKSARC ... 8mm kill at 20 yards and 15mm kill at 30 yards. It's fun when they go down but for the average grass roots shooter ... what percentage of shots can they get through those holes with standard kit? When does skill become lottery?

So in UKSARC with smaller kills, and kills in areas where it's easy to miss completely, and no pegs to lean on, and no target kit in the sporter ( main ) group, it probably will be tougher with lower scores. So quite interesting that a new version aimed at grass roots shooters with basic kit may be actually harder. I wonder if that balance will drag them in or put them off? Attendances will rise as more people give it a go but will they stay with it if they find it too tough? I'm sure the organisors will find the right balance as it develops. Maybe courses are set out so that there are enough easier targets to keep starters happy but enough small kills at longer ranges to keep the better shooters honest. Maybe it's just about right as it is. I know Johnny is very well respected for his course setting. This is why people ( myself included ) need to get to a shoot and give it a go.

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