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I'm on the lookout for a bag that will stand up on it's base rather than fall over on it's side so I can take it round a course with me and not have to bend down too far to pick it up.

GP1 murdered my back, I'm back on a cocktail of paracetemol and ibuprofen now and I'm still in pain nearly a week afterwards. It's got me thinking that I need to find a solution to ease things a bit before attempting 3 days of 50 target courses at the Worlds.

I don't like those wooden carry box things I've seen international shooters use - I'm not comfortable with the way your exposed barrel is waved all over the shop in everyone's direction when they carry those things. I'd prefer to use a bag to carry mine in. The one's on Steve's site look quite wide at the base, but I think my best bet would be to get something custom made for me unless anyone else can offer any advice.
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