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Originally Posted by killen View Post
I am curious by what Sue says here. Does this mean that if you have taken part in a competition and don't put your card in, then your supposedly crap score is not taken into account in your grading?????
Surely this is wrong! If a card is not returned, then the competitor should receive a score equal or maybe less than the lowest score returned. An exception would be equipment failure and this could be signed of by the competitors shooting partner/s.
Whats the thinking on this and is it legal?
If someone doesn't want to hand their card in then it is fine by me. We had a rule in NEFTA that anyone who did not hand their card in got just 1 target. It did not solve any problems but caused a lot of issues with grading etc.

Luckily the rule was dropped in NEFTA - everyone caught out by it had forgotten to hand their card in. Not one person to my knowledge had withheld a card for dubious reasons.

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