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Originally Posted by swiftysue View Post
I am really glad u r doing this and i hope you list those who paid and never put their card in as well because i think that is so irritating, and some people do it just to keep themselves in the grade they are in. Shocking
I had a bad shoot yesterday, i shoot left handed , was trying a new right handed gun in a right handed stock recipe for not a great score as i had put the scope on day before. But i turned up and shot, card went in ,and i had a good laugh. I personally think 72 hours min to a week notification min fir cancellation as we are all quick enough to book.sorry woman's rant over, i hate, people hard work go to waste
I am curious by what Sue says here. Does this mean that if you have taken part in a competition and don't put your card in, then your supposedly crap score is not taken into account in your grading?????
Surely this is wrong! If a card is not returned, then the competitor should receive a score equal or maybe less than the lowest score returned. An exception would be equipment failure and this could be signed of by the competitors shooting partner/s.
Whats the thinking on this and is it legal?
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