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Right, just to throw my opinion into this can of worms, offend or please (sorry if I've offended).

All the talk about adjustable guns etc. has caused me to ask what is the point? No offence meant by I understand the spirit of the sport is aimed at going back to grass roots for the beginner or man off the street but........

Over the last week I've seen scores posted from SARC competitions that are much lower than traditional HFT suggesting the no peg system is slightly more difficult, shouldn't a sport aimed at the "man off the street" be encouraging not demoralising?

Also over the last few weeks, with the nights getting lighter I've shot a SARC format course, but using a bean bag to get as close to HFT as possible with a steady rifle. Now I'm not the best shot in the world but not the worst either. But when arriving at 10mm kills up to 20 yards and free kneelers with 20mm kills out to 25/30 odd yards (killing some and missing others) leads me to think, I've been shooting over a year now, put a bit of practice in, spent hours getting my kit as close to perfect, including finding the correct pellet and playing with my adjustable stock no-end until it suits me as well as it can and I'm just about scraping by on some shots that are supposed to be aimed at the man off the street with kit that may not suit him? Isn't this also a bit demoralising?

This all seems contradictive, as if it's a competitive sport, let people compete with a gun that suits the shooter, an off the shelf gun, as stated previously, may suit someone better than others giving an advantage for being physically built in a certain way. Limiting the rifle spec encourages competitors to push the boundaries as close to breaking the rules as possible to gain an advantage which happens in all sports.

If it's not a competitive sport and designed to encourage people into shooting sports then do away with prizes etc. (maybe even the scoring ) and stop the incentive to compete, just let them have fun otherwise threads like this will prevent SARC from having the impact it is designed to have which is encourage people with air rifles to meet up and have a laugh which I'm 100% behind, the more the merrier after all. You never know some of the people introduced to airguns through SARC may go on to become champions in the competitive disciplines?

That's my ramble anyway!!
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