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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I feel just a tad for Gary in this thread.

I've also been on the wrong side of an ear bashing re HFT re " ... stop moaning about the rules and just turn up ... it's just for fun ".

I was around when HFT started and I attended some of the very early shoots. I think Sparky shot a 0.22 standard Rapid back then. I shot an old 80's springer with a Simmons 30/30 ret scope. Sparky now shoots a 0.177 Walther ( I think ) and probably a decent scope with multi aim points. I've moved onto a ... er 80's springer with a Simmons 30/30 ret. That's choices and it's shooters that win not kit and Sparky is a far better and more serious HFT shooter than I'll ever be.

The point is people have been saying to me in HFT for 11 years to stop worrying about rules and just turn up and have a go as it's just fun. I turn up every winter and lie in the mud ... I love it. Truth is people are naturally competitive. Yes it's fun ... the banter and the pi55 taking ... but when it's pull the trigger time we want that target going down. That's why HFTers are now using 2000 quid guns and 1000 quid scopes. They are competitive and they want the best out of themselves and their sport ... and I think that's fine. That probably wasn't the intention of HFT when it started. It was to give hunters and more people a chance at target shooting without needing the very expensive rifles and scopes that FT shooters had developed. So people will always want to try and do as well as they can.

Playing conkers in the street is just for fun ... but kids have been baking them in the oven ... soaking them in vinegar ... and goodness knows what other scam to try and get an advantage since time began.

So it's fantastic that this new version of target sport has been born ... and it's great all this talk of spirit of the game ... but people will be competitive and people will try to do as well as they can within the rules.

If you want it totally basic and available to all and all in the spirit of the game ... Let's have a BSA Meteor totally off the shelf with open sights comp.

Look what's happened already ... people asking about kit and stocks and pegs and bags. This happened in HFT. No bags allowed ... " Oh well I'm not playing then because it hurts my knee " ... " Oh ok you can use your bag but just on the knee and not the shin, or the instep " ... and now you can basically do what you want.

The idea is fantastic but the organisors are going to have to have very thick skin.

Re rules and stocks and depths of fore end etc. I personally have always thought it's a bit of a shame how in HFT you can use a peg to rest the hand on ... or you can rest a target gloved hand on the floor and the gun on that. It's not proper prone shooting. I wonder how many people though would actually keep shooting it if you made everyone shoot proper prone as scores would dive for many. It would be nice if there was a Field Target style where you had to shoot proper prone with nothing forward of the front elbow in contact with the ground or anything else. You then wouldn't have to worry too much about depth of fore end and all standard stocks would be at little disadvantage. Maybe that would open up an whole new arguament about slings and supports etc with people trussing themselves up like a gimp in the woods to try and get stable ( I'd like to stress at this point that I know very little about gimps in the woods ... and my solicitor is standing by ).

This isn't a new arguament. The very best attended airgun clubs around my area threw the towel in a long time ago re rules and what can and can't be used etc. They now just set out courses and people can turn up and stand on their heads shooting lazerbeams if they want to. These places are packed every weekend/shoot ... but the competitive minded will wander the earth looking for the thrill of doing well or winning a gonk and er ... having fun. Most of us are too old or too fat to kick each other on a football pitch anymore, so we need something to satisfy the caveman urge.

All the best with this and I will try and get to one ... with a standard stock.
Define "proper" prone?

aslong as you're in the prone position then it's prone. you can specify exactly how to hold a rifle & I found a description of a shooting prone position but thats an agreed upon rule set.

And here they are......." A shooting position where the shooter lies down facing the target with the elbows supporting the upper part of the body. The arms from hand to elbow must be free of other objects and clear of the ground. Only the shooter's hands, a shoulder or armpit, or a sling can support the rifle."

Someone use a bipod would break those rules I found but the individual would still be shooting prone just not to the rules of a comp run by those rules. someone shooting with the butt on the ground would break those rules but would still be shooting prone.

As long as your lying on the ground on your front its a prone shot, anything else you add is depenant on...... what someone feels a proper prone position is or....... Is dependant on type of weapon used or relation of target position to shooter or........ A percieved advantage/dissadvantage or......... tradition....... (something else I can't think of at mo ect).

Don't get me wrong we need rules.

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