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Originally Posted by scout View Post
The Old NZ site died because of Server issues, and it appears the Administrator has given up trying to breathe life into it anymore.
A great number of the followers have migrated to a new site, and the NZAFTA will be using this site primarily when disceminating general information to do with FT in NZ.
A lot of the crap going down on the old forum shortly before it crashed was hearsay and rumour and should be taken with a grain of salt when relating to the Worlds competition. Adam is still heavily involved in the committe that will be heading up the worlds in NZ but untill the 2013 Worlds have been played out, information and planning will be kept on the down low. Like any forum, Attitude and opposing points of view can run rife and a good deal of the "oppinion" shared by individuals is represented as fact and truth when it is indeed far from it.
Please feel free to join us at for your Down Under Fix, and as the 2014 Worlds draw closer information will be more prevelant.

"Scout" or Jeff as his friends call him is in fact a Governor of NZAFTA, so has the inside running, but is a prudent sort so has stated what we all agreed to. Firm facts and no incorrect public releases from official sources until we are ready.

Provisional dates are set and have been mentioned previously, to allow those that need to pre plan well in advance to attend. Operational issues won't be debated in public other than what the WFTF comprehensive rules already state. Its just not constructive, and 2013 Germany is the current focus.

Besides the above mentioned general forum, a specific forum to 2014 NZ Worlds will be available when NZAFTA Governors decide appropriate. That will be official source of info you can count on to be comprehensive, accurate, reliable, and without prejudice.

Until such time please forgive me not responding as my Wife is gravely ill and my attention will be with her not here.

kind regards
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