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Its all great fun UKSARC and can see it getting more popular. The idea is to encourage simple and basic setups. Its definately not to rival HFT or FT or SFT. It just an idea to create a real hunting scenario with an airgun. For me personally the key is the targets being used not the rules. As the killzones are in correct places and there for you to practice. A good HFT or FT shooter will do well as really it comes down to markmanship and careful thoughts on shots. Bracketing will be the next thing once targets are sussed but Im sure Gerry/Johnny will make that harder to figure out!! A good shooter with a good basic setup like S400/Scorpion/HW100/R10 would put in a good score anyhow as the guns are accurate. Look at guys who shoot in recoiling class on there day they can compete with open class shooters. Its all fun - have a go.
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