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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
When you do make sure you define flat so that each lane can be checked to a specification then. As well as levels on the rifles people can then check the firing points.

Ft is a game for everyone as much as it can. It's hardly a tour de force to have a gentle incline. If weight is the issue why do heavier shooters score better? Why do older shooters score better?

Perhaps it shouldn't be called ft. Should be called fft, not designed to be a shooting competition, just a competition for those that can shoot down hill.

Weight is something that can be done about. For the cost of an air stripper you can get 6 months gym membership. Same with backs. If your in pain stop. See someone get some advice. But having blown a disc last year (L4/L5) and living with someone who has major back issues I can tell you what most people will be helped by, because that's what the doctors prescribe, exercises to strengthen the back.

I want to be inspired by my betters to shoot better. When I know they are older and heavier but still beating me I want to know what I can do. When I'm beaten by shooters younger or fitter than I sit there and think about what I can do to get closer to them. Not start changing the game to mitigate the gap.

Get it passed. Ill bring the survey tools to check. I suppose this way there's no issue of shooting into banks on low shots either.

There's a big difference between an assault course up the side of a hill like South Devon and a gentle slope at millride. South Devon has flat sections but thats sendible given the slope. But courses like south Dorset don't have them all round. Wendover ground one, doesn't. Newbury doesn't. Most of the grounds I shot in Wales didn't. Germany probably won't.

But if you want to float it I want a strict definition of a flat firing position with method to check and proposed penalty and solution to follow on the day.
Agree with you one 100% Rob. It seems to me some people want the rules adjusted to suit their style of shooting, rather than admit their own weaknesses. If the shape of the terrain is making you lean backwards, thereby causing you discomfort because your stomach muscles are not strong enough to support your lard-*** frame with the style you use, do some exercise to correct it, or adjust your shooting style so that you don't have to lean back as far. Uphill or downhill, elevation changes are the same for everyone, I would agree though that left to right slopes (or vice versa) favour left or right handed shooters depending on the direction, and should be avoided. Please don't change the rules to suit the demands of the minority.
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