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Guys , thanks for all the support we've had in founding this new aspect of air gun sport .

The sport is aimed at grass roots new shooters and oldies who are having a great time with their air rifles .

Its aimed at having fun out there shooting . Do not lose sight of this .

The rules were created around "the man in the street" who has bought a standard hunting / sporting rifle .

The sport is for ordinary guys wanting to just have fun .

The sport was deliberately created to move focus away from the tricked out hand made target style rifles .

The reason we decided Not to have pegs / plates what ever , is to simulate a hunting scenario .

You approach the quarry , decide on your best position available considering the conditions, to to take it on & shoot it .

We realised that some shooters would exploit the rules by trying to use stocks especially made for them .

But we also ( as organisers ) reserve the right to decide if the shooter is not following " the spirit of the game" and if we feel that the shooter is not playing the game he will be put into the target rifle class.

So , we would love to welcome every one along , but do not approach the sport with the intention to exploit the rules , effectively to cheat . Push the envelope or what ever way you want to dress it up for .

We discussed as much as we could about the stock issue & would try not to impose measurements, because if we say the fore end can not exceed 120mm from centre of barrel , every one will be having stocks made to those measurements !!!
So , in the interests of keeping it grass roots , aimed at the beginer market , new shooter or what ever, old shooter just out there having a good fun shoot, do not go out to try & push the envelope .
We believe if you want a custom stock , leftie or one arm longer than the other, get a custom stock , but keep it within the spirit of the sport .

Same with sitting , sit on your butt, because we will have chaps carrying cushions like arm chairs out there .... Easier to keep in check with simple rules , simply sit on the ground .

At the end of the day , if you are not happy with the rules as they are , there are several other aspects of field shooting available for air gunners here in UK .

Come along shoot within the spirit of the rules & enjoy it .

As organisers , all the clubs hosting this sport have invested a lot of time and money buying targets & supporting the shooters .

The growth of the sport , about 20% newcomers at every competition is testimony to the popularity of shooting standard guns with the rules as they are at present .

We intend to keep the ethos of this alive and thriving .

So , being blunt , if you are not happy with the rules , there are plenty of other types of competition to shoot . We wish you all the best in your search for one that suits you .
Isuza imBuzi . . . . . .
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