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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
One of the complaints came from someone who had to modify their gun so they could shoot in the main class, yet the man on the next peg had a very expensive aftermarket stock and was allowed to compete.

Out of interest, what mods were made? What was the stock? Why would somebody approach a person who's nothing to do with running a game, who's never tried it to complain about the rules? Why wouldn't they approach somebody in charge on Sunday

Your analogy about shooting .177 in .22 does not work. A better analogy would be having a 100m race where no one is allowed to use steroids, however, the use of roller skates is permitted.

I believe in rules and that is why i want to make sure of them before I enter, I also do not want to be at a disadvantage to another shooter.

I personally think its crazy that a 1300 Daystate Panther target rifle can shoot in the main class, however a 600 Ar20 has to have all its bits taken off before it ca compete.

What is a sporting rifle?

I can tell you this, I have killed more rabbits with my Steyr then any other gun I own and as such, it is a sporting rifle.
I know how much you like rules and definitions Gary, but Johnny and Gerry have done their best to avoid them hence the spirit definition. Take a step back and look at what they're trying to do, better still get in touch with one of them and speak about it. If you feel you have to shoot with deeper stocks etc theres a class for that, if you want to shoot with simpler gear (which is what Johnny and Gerry are trying to encourage), there's a class for that too. If you think the bloke on the next lane is taking the **** with the rules and its not a fair game don't play next time or raise your concerns with an organiser or marshall on the day.

It'd be impossible to have a defined set of measurements whilst keeping within the spirit, a Rapid MK2 stock is 100mm deep from the centre of the barrel, a HW100 stock is 80mm. I'm sure you can share the depth of your s400, as soon as you set a limit for equipment that becomes the target to aim for. Because let's face it we all like to have the best gear and find a way to work something to our advantage - It's why I spent the winter building a super duper SARC gun to compete with.

It's a great game with its own quirks, it's like League or Union in Rugby, both the same but slightly different. Nothing wrong with playing or supporting both and no point trying to turn one into the other.

As an aside, you've been around long enough to know that these sorts of threads never have a positive outcome so I doth my hat to your trolling ability, you got me hook line and sinker.
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