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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
Ryan, my mind is fully open, but I am trying to understand what is legal and what is not. There is no point in doing a 300 mile round trip to go to a shoot and be unprepared or disadvantaged.

I am planning to shoot the Sarc round at the Greyhound and I hope the rules will be clarified by then.

With regard to offering an opinion, Gerry has said that there is to be a discussion about the rules and I offered a simple solution. The other solution could be 1 class for standard off the shelf unmolested sporter rifles and another class for anything else.

Many shooters criticise the UKAHFT and some of these criticisms have been taken on board an some have not, but I am sure all were listened too. Only a megalomaniac who wanted to micro manage everything would refuse to listen to constructive criticism.

I am sure Sarc will go from strength to strength, I just think the rules need tightening up a bit and this will stop all of the complaints I have heard.

See you all at the Greyhound
Have those complaints come from people who've taken part in the series or from those who haven't? I had a similar opnion to you before I gave it a go and was pleasantly suprised after speaking to Johnny and Gerry about things, as like you I didn't want to drive all that way to compete in a minority class. The series isn't about organisers restricting kit or shooters pushing the envelope to the mm with stock choice, it's about sticking to the spirit in which it was founded.

If you have to ask about kit choice then maybe it's not within the spirit and you don't get to shoot the class you want to, it's kind of like asking Sparky if you could shoot your .177 in the .22 class. The rules are in black and white and plenty clear enough if a cheek piece or butt is adjusted you're in target class, if they're bottomed out and neutral you can take part in sporting. Like it or not thems the rules of the game.
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