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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
Gary until you've tried it, keep your mind open. If you look at the top 4 scores I can say for a fact we were all using bog standard stocks exactly as they left the factory, one was even a twanger! If you're really serious about coming along and supporting another series, put your standard stock on your 400 or one of your other guns and join in. What reaction would this have if it were FT shooters criticising or offering opinions on UKAHFT rules?

In my opinion having actually tried SARC shoots a few times, it works really well as it is, there's been lots of chinese whispers going around about who's shooting what and who's having stocks made by who. The only person I saw with a GINB stock scored 33, I saw one other home made stock with a big cheek piece and deep fore end, they scored 46. What I saw mostly was a bunch of folk having a giggle and taking the **** as you would expect at any shoot.
Ryan, my mind is fully open, but I am trying to understand what is legal and what is not. There is no point in doing a 300 mile round trip to go to a shoot and be unprepared or disadvantaged.

I am planning to shoot the Sarc round at the Greyhound and I hope the rules will be clarified by then.

With regard to offering an opinion, Gerry has said that there is to be a discussion about the rules and I offered a simple solution. The other solution could be 1 class for standard off the shelf unmolested sporter rifles and another class for anything else.

Many shooters criticise the UKAHFT and some of these criticisms have been taken on board an some have not, but I am sure all were listened too. Only a megalomaniac who wanted to micro manage everything would refuse to listen to constructive criticism.

I am sure Sarc will go from strength to strength, I just think the rules need tightening up a bit and this will stop all of the complaints I have heard.

See you all at the Greyhound
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