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This is the thing that I can not understand. I am all for any type of shooting and the idea of a back to basics series is a good one.

The thing is though, unlike some shooters, I do not have hundreds of pounds to spend on aftermarket stocks to give me a high cheek piece and a deep for end. What I have is an old piece of fence post clamped to the bottom of my gun and a cheek piece that is built up with ispom p38

This apparently is illegal and would have to be removed, however, an aftermarket stock is fine and this in my opinion is elitist. (If you have lots of money, then you can have an advantage)

From what I can see of the rules, there are no pegs, so you have to shoot from a fist, so a deep forend is essential for stability and as we all know, non of us would take a shot at an animal, if we weren't stable.

So may I suggest an idea, follow that UKAHFT rule and just have a stock depth, 150mm from center of barrel to the bottom of the stock or hamster. This way shooters who can not afford a GinB or Paul Wilson will not be disadvantaged.

Also, if shooters have a adjustable cheek piece, let them use it. why on earth would you want a shooter to use a gun to simulate hunting quarry that was not set up for optimum performance.

Just my opinion.

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