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I take your meaning rob . no problem . think back to the regionals on the saturday , about five lanes in . there was a hard left , hard right pair of targets on a incline going down to the left . naughty bit of wind on the first one , took my time on it and got it but then had tro swing hard right on the bag to get the second . shuffel , shuffel , slip off the side of the bag, get back on the bag whilst trying not to cover anybody with the rifle . get my breath back come up on the target , line up .out of time . it was not my accuracy that was in doubt , it was my ability to shuffel . i did not want to go this route but i think it realistic at this point to mention it . HEALTH AND SAFETY .the dreaded words . don't apply to us i hear you say , no . i beg to differ .you work in an office i believe .not to many dangerous computers there . maybe a few words on the used cartridges for the printer and sorted . now if you were working on a building site . you would apply for the job . you would need the experience and the right tickets for the job . then you would be inducted , told about risk asesment on the job . you would go to your job and before starting work you would make a risk assesment . if you did not agree that the job was safe you would go to see the the safety office , he would see the site manager . if he did not agree , then it would be up to the area site safety officer .your getting the message here i take it rob . things are NOT what they were .then lets go to this unsavory point . shooters sits on slope . bit damp on the grass , takes two shots . tries to get up and slips , rifle goes down followed by him.lands on top of rifle and new march 80 is broken . back is put out . taken away by ambulance . later puts in claim for rifle , scope and back . goes to court , judge asks what risk assesment was taken ? none . found for the deffendant .yeah all right a bit over the top . but not impossible . this is a litigation society .lets make it simple . GP 3 .the area comp sec has a look at the proposed course . OKs it . the BFTA comp sec turns up and looks at it . yep OKs it . risk assesment done . all the lanes and the gates are reasonable and SAFE to use . job done . no billiard table shoots just good common sense ??? HOLLY
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