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Originally Posted by holly View Post
We used to have a fella in the army who if he did not want to do something made it so complicated Rob that nobody wanted to do it ? sounds a bit like your argument . it did not wash then and does not wash now . as level as you can make it , i think fits the bill . the course of fire in our area is checked by the regional comp sec . so there is no reason why the GP courses cannot be checked by the BFTA comp sec before a shoot , to include lane gates . this is nothing terribly exciting here . just a request for a level playing field . remember there are more older shooters in the BFTA than younge ones and they stay longer on the whole . anyway that is my take on it and i intend to take it up with my regional rep . i would suggest that those who agree find out who there's is and do the same . ??? HOLLY
PS reminds me of a comp i went to years back where on a standing lane they made available a box for the smaller shooters to use . when i asked about it , i was told that it was to good a target to miss up on . i never found out if anybody fell off it ?
Your missing the point. I think it was ok. Challenging in the true sense of the word, but ok. Your right i'll make it complicated here, because i've been in enough BFTA meetings to know how complex it gets there... and how it falls on it's backside out there when joe marshall has to deal with someone saying "hmm, don't think this is flat ". All you're going to get is the same debate we have here about how steep is too steep. Or someone saying that bit is flat, but i want to sit like this and this is in the way.

Someone slipped in all hamsters should be flat for the WFTF. No definition of what a hamster is, what is flat, angled, stippled, flat with lumps in etc... total cock-up of a rule that the EFTA objected to. It's being removed after Germany, but till then it holds.

I'd be in on it if it was like crazy golf, or dangerous. But we're talking about a gentle incline. Your right, BFTA shoots should be open to everyone. But I don't think a natural environment should be made to fit everyone. The point of the competition is to fit your shooting to the environment, not the other way around. Well that's my opinion anyway.
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