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Hi - Very good analysis Rob. FT has been plagued with poor definitions so lets not introduce any more.

I found Millride a physical problem but that was mainly because it was somewhat unrelentingly uphill (finishing on 23 did mean there was some relief towards the last few lanes otherwise I may have had to give up). My problem is also a weight issue - lack of it hahaha. (Lost my colon to colitis & bowel cancer, have J-pouch but hunching over is really uncomfortable and could be somewhat unpleasant. I had a stoma external bag for a time and that was much worse as far as sitting went). So, I would appeal for course designs with sustained uphill/downhill to include some respite i.e. sections where it is either flat or angled so as to make it flatter but not require it to be all flat or even better a mix of up and down (downhill is great for my issues!).

Despite the difficulties I shoot FT because of the variations, if I want flat I will go back to .22RF 25m and 50m (although prone is hell now).

I found the up-slope standers a problem mainly because of tiredness (abdomen straining (resisting) got the better of me) and would have loved a flatter stance. Even better would be the option to take standers kneeling (fat chance without going to Open Class but kneelers can be taken standing so ... hahahaha).

Open Class would not have been a solution and for me it is the 50-shot course that is my challenge, I want to tackle it on equal terms and see how I can do by the end of it. My main issues were with the regulator which wasn't regulating (sorted one in the post so should have it back today) but I will have to skip a Millride event in future as I cannot see how the course could be anything other than all uphill given the terrain available to the course designers. So not a criticism of the folks hosting, it is just one of those things for me and I really hope I am not typical of the other competitors (62 + colectomy is still better than a headstone!) .

I enjoyed Tondu last year and the flat gates were great so I can see the benefits on a permanent course layout. No matter, I will always feel shattered by the end of the courses otherwise I haven't been trying.

I will put in a few rowing machine sessions and try and get some muscles back but I lose weight rather than put it on ... not something I get sympathy over hahahaha.

All the best
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