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We used to have a fella in the army who if he did not want to do something made it so complicated Rob that nobody wanted to do it ? sounds a bit like your argument . it did not wash then and does not wash now . as level as you can make it , i think fits the bill . the course of fire in our area is checked by the regional comp sec . so there is no reason why the GP courses cannot be checked by the BFTA comp sec before a shoot , to include lane gates . this is nothing terribly exciting here . just a request for a level playing field . remember there are more older shooters in the BFTA than younge ones and they stay longer on the whole . anyway that is my take on it and i intend to take it up with my regional rep . i would suggest that those who agree find out who there's is and do the same . ??? HOLLY
PS reminds me of a comp i went to years back where on a standing lane they made available a box for the smaller shooters to use . when i asked about it , i was told that it was to good a target to miss up on . i never found out if anybody fell off it ?
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