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I already did glen . good sport . let's us look at it another way then , for the slower shooters the next GP coming up is Far Coley . Carl and the boys will put out on the usual course ranging between the hard to the almost impossible BUT the only cries you will hear are ones of frustration , not of pain . the wind , the wind got me . level shooting postions are us . now when the whole damm field kicks my *** , what will i have as an ecxcuse ? well actually LOTS . as i remember it a rather large northern gent will not travel abroad again cos the courses did not beat him but the terain did . i am not saying all courses should be the same but we all pay our tenner and should all have the same chance .the sport has moved away from mickey mouse toward a really good sport for all . so let us make it available to all , not just the few who are double jointed ??? HOLLY
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