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Connor only used the info that was available to us all if we also was bored enough to actually look and put it up on the forum. Maybe right or wrong i had been in the process of collecting the info myself as i am doing CSFTA round booking in and i dont want to be messed around by those that book and dont turn up.

As someone who does the booking in myself i try to accomodate all in the session they prefer. The internet is just a guidline to prove someones turning up and that helps admin to get things started on time rather than still doing paperwork when you guys want to start shooting.

Yes some did actually say sorry couldnt make it but not everyone had the manners and some of those that asked to pass info on didnt do that either. Just we can all be a bit selfish and not understand how much effort is put in by a minority just so you can turn up shoot and walk away.

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