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Hi, I like the schema Andras has posted. Looks like a way forward to me.

Just one other point. Last year I wasn't able to get to the 2nd GP at MAD when I found a flat tire at 5am, couldn't remove it (medical issues = no grunt power) and had to wait for AA to show (sidewall puncture so no use trying those squirty things). Spare was one of those small things so no way to make the journey but Sunday at 6am meant waiting for a tire place to open up (9:30). 2 new tires and -lots of pounds later it was then too late to get there for the pm session.

OK, so s**t happens. What I didn't have to hand was a phone number to send a SMS to which would get to the bookings tent. I tried texting some club mates, etc but they were headed for the pm session.

So could I suggest there is a separate cell number for the bookings folk (i.e. not Shaun's or Sam's personal phones) which goes around the GPs and only gets switched on 24hrs before the event, number displayed on the BFTA site, etc. I would have happily forfeited the 10 quid but felt bad about not getting there and not giving notification. Really missed the shooting too :-(

Most sites have cell coverage and even when weak you get a text even if you can't reply or make a call.

Just a suggestion.

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