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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
Let me say some words about the Hungarian pre-booking system. We have an advanced on-line system which can handle not only pre-bookings but you can check the results of any competition, comp series or individual shooters, rifle details, using filters etc. If I translate the booking-in system to the British conditions it would look like this:

The shooters have to pre-book on-line for the national competitions and this gives them the right to pay a discounted price of 10 pounds on the competition day. Those who just turn up have to pay the 'standard' price of 20 pounds and can shoot when there is free place for them. The pre-booking can be amended or deleted until 36 hours before the competition without any consequences. But if somebody has booked in and doesn't turn up though, he won't be allowed to pre-book for his next competition, i.e. has to turn up, pay the full price and shoots when (or if) the organisers find a place for him.

The advantages are that there are no upfront payments nor refunds, and there is no penalty to pay, simply there is a discount for those who help the work of the organisers.
Sounds interesting Andras. Can you pass me a link? If like to see how the info is presented. It may be worth looking at something like that here, where the system is more of a database and not a collection of spreadsheets.
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