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1) When you book in or someone books in for you they have to tick a little box saying they accept the terms and conditions. This is already in place.

2) Any claim would have to establish fault and liability. Which wouldn't fall on the bfta in the event of someone not turning up. Just like cinema, bus, airplane etc.

3) Taking someone to court for 10 doesn't seem to make financial sense. I hope whoever did had deep pockets so when the court tells them to pay the bfta's costs when they lose.

4) the bfta have legal indemnity insurance.

5) the idea that the bfta is fair game for a law suit every 5 mins disgusts me. It's a collection of individuals who give up their time for free to do the best they can for people in the sport. It goes beyond those on committee to those who do admin, who put out courses, to those who support other halves etc. These people may not get it right, not everyone always agrees with them, but much deliberation is taken to ensure decisions are the best that can be made. They don't need threats of legal action and quite frankly I hope that someone attempting to sue the organisation that represents those people's efforts gets royally bent over when they fail. Including a lifetime ban from the sport.
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