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Question What's the issue .................

To be honest it's 10 !?!?!? Not exactly bank breaking is it ? Ideally yes you don't want to waste that 10 which is hard earned, so for instance ..........

1. If your 100% committed to turning up then it's not a waste of 10 ?

2. If something happens ie god forbid , car accident , sickness , family tragedy .....then last thing I'd be thinking about was 10 unless I was tighter than a coat of yacht varnish.

3. If you've no plan to turn up you can afford to loose 10 !

Think the main stick in the hornets nest is " what will happen to my 10 if I don't turn up "? , well I guess taking into account either point 2 or 3 above , you don't really care ! but just a thought lets give it to charity !

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