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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
This is purely my take and not representative of any club or organisations thoughts;

1/ Firstly the BFTA set up a paypal account...
2/ This paypal account is used for shooters to pay for the shoot when they make the booking...
3/ If for whatever reason a shooter has to cancel if they give the organiser 24 hours notice of a cancallation they are refunded their money, after that i'm sorry but the money is gone...
4/ A list is kept of those who book and do not turn up (without prior warning), a two strikes and you're out rule is then employed i.e. you blob despite booking them GP1 and GP2 and you are barred from GP3...

Will Baskeyfield
Far Coley FTC
Just My Take as well
What am i paying for? if there is a stoppage in this now professionally run event do i get a refund for lost time or an illegal target in our now perfect sport, and who is going to be judge elected jury and firing squad for the condemed person whom for what ever reason such as a car crash or a relative dropping dead the night before or are we having a grading system complete with doctors note based on fines or public thrashings (Round dangly hairy things comes to mind) Kind regards Mr P
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